Thursday, June 23, 2011

Improving Technically

The Canine Photo Gallery is up and running.
I finally figured out how to edit my Tabs & remove the HTML gobbledygook.
Things are moving onward & upward.  Watch out pet blogger world here I come!!


  1. Hey's Maximus....I sneaked into the house and hacked into Drew's computer. Man what a day over here in Long Beach. Drew was outside working in the yard and found my tennis ball that I'm working on shredding and then he found my secret hole I've been digging to visit that big dog behind me...never got through. Oh yeah and man does Bear have some hair on him...Drew was brushing for like 20 minutes while I was hiding under Bear and I was covered...I looked like a shaggy hotdog!!! There was so much hair it made a whole small bag of hair. Check out the picture on facebook of the bag o' Bear Hair. BTW thanks for the purple toy...I got more treats out of it today when Bear was shaking it lol. See you again soon down here.

  2. I know!!! I saw that pic. My Mom left her computer screen up with it on. OMG Bear sure has a lot of hair. I bet he feels better now that all that is gone. The Summer is here & it's time for cool haircuts. OK well Mom just came back from the store and she stocked up on my food. Yum! I'm gonna go see if she will feed me some right now - woof I'm hungry.