Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winner, Winner, Winner

UNBELIEVABLE.......I'm going to Tyson's Corner, Virginia at the end of August for the 3-day, BlogPaws2011 ConferenceI want to thank The Anipal Times, and  Editor Cokie the Cat, for emailing to tell me I won the drawing!  WooHoo, I'm so excited.

 This is a Social Media & Networking Conference for Pet Bloggers, etc. I hope to learn a lot about pet blogging and maybe make some new friends along the way

I mostly want to thank Chazz The Dog who really made this possible in the first place.  

I love you Chazzy...Signed, Adopted Mom


  1. Concatulations, Chazz! We'll see you at BlogPaws 2011!!

    Cokie the Cat
    Editor in Chief

  2. Cokie the Cat, thanks for becoming a follower of Chazz's blog. As you can see we are just getting started. You are lucky # 10. Thanks and see you in Tyson's Corner!

  3. Thanks for the congratulations greetings. That's very nice. Chazz & I appreciate it. Check out my updated blog at
    and maybe see you in Tyson's Corner. WooHoo.

  4. Congrats to you on your win! This will be our third BlogPaws conference and we guarantee that you'll be in for a real treat! Look forward to meeting you in Tyson's Corner!

    P.S. If you're interested in sharing Chazz's rescue story for our (hopefully) forthcoming book of dog rescue/adoption stories, please check out our blog page for the details of submission:

    Thanks and congrats!

  5. Thank you to Bocci and his "parental unit" for stopping by and leaving your best wishes. Can't wait to attend my first BlogPaws Conference.

    Please check us out on our newest blog:

    I will revisit your blog to read about your forthcoming book.

  6. Congratulations on winning! My person hopes to meet you at Blogpaws, looking forward to it!

  7. Thanks for the paw salute Prudence. My Adopted Mom is really excited about going to the Conference (whatever that is). Anyway, I'm glad I could help her.

    You sound like you have lots of fun with your dog & cat pals. That's cool. Take care, Chazz The Dog

  8. Hi, Chazz Mom. Congratulations on winning. I live in the area but can't go to BlogPaws because I'll be out of town. I'm so disappointed not to meet all you enthusiastic pet bloggers. I've written some tips about the area at Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for the nice wishes. That's too bad you won't be available for the conference. BTW, I tried going to the url address you posted and could not find the blog. Will try once more, and thanks again. Chazz The Dog waves and says Woof!

  10. How nice is that? Totally Cool!
    Coud you please be a follower of my blog,as I have yours? Thanks!